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Chinese medicine (TCM) and COVID-19

I just read a report from a doctor in China who is working at an integrative TCM (Chinese Medicine) and Western Medicine hospital and treating patients. This kind of hospital is similar to the one I worked and did my hospital internship at during my years in Guangzhou, China.

She writes: “As this is an Integrative TCM and Western medicine hospital, our approach to the COVID-19 virus, was to utilize both types of medicine. The Western medicine route offered oral antiviral drugs such as Oseltamivir and Abidol. The critically ill patients were given supportive therapy (think of intubation among others). IV fluids were strictly monitored. If they were still able to eat, we generally did not administer fluids, as we felt they were getting enough. From the Chinese medical perspective, we had to make a differential diagnosis before prescribing herbs. Integrative therapy seemed like it would provide better results.”

Many of these herbal formulas as phytotherapy consist of rhizomes, seeds, fruit peels etc. (all plant based, FYI!). Phytotherapy is the use of extracts of natural origin as medicines or health-promoting agents. It should be perceived as an allopathic (opposite homeopathy) discipline, because the effects that are expected from HMP (herbal medicine product) are directed against the causes and the symptoms of a disease.

Keep in mind that herbal formulas can be used not only for treatment if you’re starting to feel sick but also in disease preventation based on your constitution. Building up your immune system (nourishing your Qi) and arming yourself with natural herbs and nutrition is one of the best ways to prevent disease.

While I am currently not actively working as an acupuncturist (mindful and observing social distancing), I CAN still write prescriptions. These can be bought at Shenzhou University here Amsterdam ( As of today ,MAR 19, they are still open. Currently my e-consulation (incl writing a prescription) only costs €25 (instead of the usual €50). However this does not include the cost of the herbs, which Shenzhou will charge you for.

For more info, please contact me through . I will send you a list with questions to make the best diagnosis I can (without being able to feel your pulse, but you will be required to send a photo of your tongue 2 days in a row. After writing a bespoke prescription based on the diagnosis, you can purchase your prescription at the herbalist at Shenzhou (Gerldersekade 67, near CS).

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